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Great Fountain Geyser

Great Fountain Geyser

The Shot

This sunset shot of Yellowstone National Park‘s Great Fountain Geyser was taken one September evening around 6:30 PM using a Nikon D50 with a 12.0-24.0mm f/4.0 lens mounted on a Manfrotto tripod. The exposure was 1/50 with an -1.33 offset at an ISO of 200.

The Spot

Great Fountain Geyser is located off Firehole Lake Drive about 10 miles south of the junction of the West Entrance Road and the Grand Loop Road. Firehole Lake Drive is a small loop road that connects with the Grand Loop Road. There is a large parking area and bench seats for watching the geyser erupt. This is another of the spots popular with photographers.

Mount Moran at Sunrise

Mount Moran

The Shot: Mount Moran

Mount Moran, at an elevation of 12605 feet/3842 meters in Grand Teton National Park, is a dominant peak in Wyoming’s Teton Range. The massive peak, often mistaken as being the Grand Teton, has some rather unique features. Perhaps the most striking is Skillet Glacier, seen in the photo as the large area of snow. My impression is that of a giant, broad, dog’s head with a streak of white running from the top of the head down to the nose and muzzle.

Look real close and one can see a vertical band of black off to the left of Skillet Glacier. Geologists call that 150-wide strip of black a “dike”. Then, near the very peak of the summit, one can make out a small light colored area of sandstone sitting up there like a cap.

This shot of Mount Moran was captured with a Nikon D300 with a Nikon 18.0-105.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens adjusted to 70.0 mm at 4:55AM on a late August morning. I also often record GPS Coordinates and elevation using a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx attached to one or the other of my Nikon’s.

The Spot: Oxbow Bend

The location was suggested to me by a helpful employee of the Jackson Lake Lodge who knew I was taking photos in the area. The spot is well known I discovered, for there were a number of other photographers who also showed up to catch a sunrise photo. This location is a pullout along side US Highway 191 at Oxbow Bend on the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park in Northwest Wyoming.

Oxbow Bend is easily found on a map showing Grand Teton National Park, but in case you don’t have a map handy, here are the GPS coordinates as recorded by the image: 43,51.9667N, 110,32.9068. Elevation: 2062 meters/6765 feet.